Hasbro What Are You Doing? Monopoly Axes An Iconic Piece.

Breaking news in the board game world, Monopoly is ruined….RUINED! Alright so I realize that most of you out there do a groan when you think about playing Monopoly, it’s too long, can get a little boring and almost impossible to finish BUT it’s a classic and you don’t mess with a classic…unless you are Hasbro.

In an attempt to revitalize the game (I’m guessing) they are getting rid of one of the the classic tokens. For those of you living under a rock those pieces are as follows: Battleship, Car, Thimble, Boot,  Scottie Dog, Hat, Iron and Wheelbarrow.

Original Monopoly Pieces_Hasbro Cutting a Piece

Via their Facebook page, Save Your Token you can vote to which token you want to save and for what token you want to join the team. The options for the new token are; Robot, Ring, Cat, Helicopter and Guitar.

New Monopoly Pieces_Hasbro Cutting a Piece

I guess it’s inevitable, one of the classics is going to leave us, so better go buy a Monopoly box now if you ever want to see the Iron or Wheelbarrow again (which are currently last in the race to survive) on your board.

In closing I don’t NOT agree with this decision Hasbro…but VOTE THIMBLE!!

3 thoughts on “Hasbro What Are You Doing? Monopoly Axes An Iconic Piece.

  1. He Geek She Geek

    Was the battleship always a token? I never saw that one as a kid. Maybe we lost it. If it’s a more modern addition, I say sink that battleship. Of course since it’s cross-promotion for Hasbro’s other game, that won’t happen.

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