It’s a Web Series Wednesday! Check Out Neil’s Puppet Dreams!

Readers, I have a new favorite thing and it’s LEGEN….wait for it….DARY, LEGENDARY! For those of you How I Met Your Mother Fans you’ll recognize that phrase from the one and only NPH (Neil Patrick Harris).

Well the amazing actor, singer, dancer and board game enthusiast NPH has entered into a new venture with Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick to bring us, Neil’s Puppet Dreams!

Did you know that a small amount of people suffer from an affliction where they dream in puppets? Alright maybe only one person, NPH. In order to alert people about his ailment, NPH teamed up with Brian Hensen (from the Jim Hensen Company) to create an amazing new web series.

I’ve included a little intro to the series and one episode that includes a very special guest star. As a warning just because this series involves puppets does not mean it’s safe for children but it you enjoy a little raunchy, innuendo filled puppet humor than this is for you!

If you like what you see check out the rest of Neil’s Puppet Dreams here.

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