Me + Snowboarding = Full Body Cast…Wish Me Luck

This may be my last post readers because…Cyclops is finally getting me to go snowboarding this weekend. I’ve resisted for so long because snow sports and I don’t really mix well. Don’t get me wrong I loved a good snow day as a kid, but I HATED getting snow everywhere while building snowmen and sledding. My favorite part was going inside, taking off those ridiculous overall snowsuits and getting a cup of hot coco.

My parents did try to get me into snow sports by dragging me along on their vacation and sticking me in a ski camp with a bunch of other kids for the entire day. These grueling days resulted in a sunburn/wind burn and me falling asleep at the table during my Mom’s birthday dinner.

As you might be able to tell from my fond memories of skiing it wasn’t really my thing. I did go to Big Bear in college with a group of friends but I remained in the cabin at all times, drank heavily and avoided anything skiing or snowboarding related.

One thing you can almost always rely on when dating a nerd is that they won’t force you into any sort of outdoorsy / athletic type activity…but not this time, and to add insult to injury it’s a activity in the snow. But being the good girlfriend that I am I have finally relented to go snowboarding, without any complaining of course…..

If Cyclops and I don’t kill each after his attempts to teach me to snowboard then I predict that there will be a lot of this…..


Followed by this…

Full Body Cast

Which may prevent me from doling out daily nerd news and sage dating a nerd advice.

All I can say readers is wish me luck because I think you are the ones that are truly going to suffer from the repercussions of this weekend.

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