It’s Official…We Have Our New Monopoly Token

It’s been about a month since we reported on a very disturbing issue, the replacement of one of the beloved Monopoly tokens. The month long “Save Your Token” campaign is over and it all came down to the shoe, the wheelbarrow and the iron but in the end the iron is getting the ax….which I’m not 100% surprised by, because kids these days do not appreciate ironing. Obviously none of those who voted had to iron their Catholic school plaid skirts every morning before school….your iron can be your best friend.

Anyways in a move to ditch the beloved icons of the past and move into the future the fans have spoken and the “cat” is the newest Monopoly token, while the iron will cease production immediately and never pass Go again.

Monopoly_The Cat_new token

Let’s all take a moment in silence to remember our fallen friend, the iron, we’ll miss you.

Monopoly_The Iron_Save Your Token

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