We Date Nerds is Heading Down Under!

For a while now Cyclops and I have been talking about taking a trip together or as he refers to it, “A GRAND ADVENTURE!” We wanted to go last year, unfortunately work got in the way, but I was promised that 2013 was the year, and after months of back and forth about where to go, when to go and negotiating the time off we finally booked our 2 week trip to AUSTRALIA!

LA to Australia_Flight Pattern

I have been wanting to go to Australia forever, and I’m not the only one, everyone I have told about this trip has given me a bit of a jealous stare-down, but not even that could ruin my vacation buzz. Be prepared for posts leading up to this epic trip, plus as other couples know your first big trip together can make or break a relationship….so let’s see if there is still a blog after this.

One little problem has already arisen. Now that the tickets are booked my own personal nerd tendencies are taking over and I’m in full on planning mode. Cyclops keeps telling me to relax so in order to fight off the stress, I’m going to click play on the video below and dream about the following Australian national treasures….


Chris Hemsworth_Thor_The Avengers


Hugh Jackman_Wolverine_Les Miz_Australia


Rebel Wilson_Australia_Bitches

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