The Countdown Begins: 1 Month Away Until Arrested Development!

Arrested Development_Netflix_May 26

I admit I was a little irritated when Netflix changed their initial release date for Season 4 of Arrested Development but truthfully I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for a weekend marathon of The Bluths, plus a good bottle of grape juice needs a least a month to turn into wine. But in any case we are only a month away until all 15 episodes are released!

I have to give serious props to Netflix though because the amount of advertising they are doing for this 1 (and only) season is more than Fox ever did in the entire 3 seasons it was on the air. Want to see the first peeks at Season 4? Pretty much go anywhere on the internet and be barraged with stories. Personally I am trying to keep any spoilers to a minimum, so DON’T TELL ME about all the Bluth family hilarity that is brewing.

I did however see some character posters that Netflix put out, and personally I am dying over the Lucille one. If you want take a look, feast your eyes below, and no matter what set your stopwatches to May 26th!



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