Minecraft is My Relationship Now…

It may be a sign that your relationship is hitting a rocky patch when your significant other would rather communicate with you via an online video game instead of in person, over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, carrier pigeon, message in a bottle or by smoke signal…but for me it’s just a stark reminder that I am dating a nerd.

Quick detour – I think truthfully the reason that my posts have been so irregular lately is that we really haven’t been doing that many nerdy things. I think in my head I was starting to believe that maybe I had somehow curbed his super nerdy¬†tendencies, and I no longer had to act like I cared about the name of the X-Men plane. When I mentioned this to Cyclops this weekend, his response was…”I have so many nerdy things planned for us in the immediate future, that I’m scared to tell you…”

This is a plus for the readers of this blog, I should have an endless amount of material to share with you over the rest of the year…and for me, it means I’m just a little terrified at all times.

I think these “nerdy plans” started revealing themselves last night, which brings me back to my original statement.

On Friday night I got a frantic call from Cyclops, asking me my location. In response I let him know that I was being a pretty awesome friend and leaving Macy’s after purchasing gifts for a Bridal Shower I had to attend the next day. He then requested that when I arrived home to sign online and connect to the new server he just created for the game Minecraft….

Then last night we entered the Minecraft world that he created for us and we spent approximately the next hour communicating via the game. I’m fairly sure that this new form of communication will not only cause my carpal tunnel to act up but will cut down on the actual time that Cyclops wants to spend together face to face. On the plus side, my character does look pretty bad-ass. I’ll keep you updated on how this progresses…

big_bang_theory_season2_penny_computer games

This may be me soon…

Not sure what Minecraft is? I’ll save that for another post.

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