Birthdays, Bachelorettes & Pathfinder

Hello readers…it has been another very busy couple of weeks, and almost nerd free, which is why I haven’t had much to post about.

Let’s start with #1, BIRTHDAYS, mine actually, which was two weeks ago (I won’t mention my new age). Anyways a few months back some of my former SDSU lacrosse ladies and I planned a trip to Austin, where my sister happens to live, in order to celebrate. Here are my birthday highlights:

Getting to taxi by Air Force One…

Air Force One_Obama_Austin

Seeing a real life Bat-Signal and what seemed like a million bats!


Drinking with my ladies!

Austin_Chupacabra_Sixth Street

And the piece de resistance after getting back from Austin, my very own Little Penguin (Australia inspired) birthday cake made by my nerd!

Birthday Cake_Little PenguinHe has basically shamed all my previous attempts at cake…damn artists. But it was very adorable and yummy! This was also followed up by some awesome presents including some sweet new Ray Bans (courtesy of Cyclops) and a Stunner of the Month Club membership by my friend Lauren.

Stunner of the Month Club

On to #2, BACHELORETTES, this past weekend I headed to Palm Springs to celebrate my former roommate’s impending nuptials. This was actually just what I needed out of a weekend, relaxation by the pool and pina coladas.

Palm Springs_Bachelorette Party_Marriott Villas_PoolPlus I stumbled across this little gem (this is for all you Office fans out there)…for those special occasions in a man’s life.

Shoe la la_The Office_Palm Springs

As you can see it’s been a busy few weeks but even thru all that my nerd has had the time to bring up the game Pathfinder in almost every conversation we’ve had.

For those of you who don’t know Pathfinder is a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons and Cyclops has it in his head that we are going to play it come hell or high water. So as much as I have been avoiding nerd related activities lately, I fear I can’t for much longer. Thanks for continuing to read and wish me luck!

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