2 Days Until Streaming! Get Your Chicken Dance Ready…

Arrested Development_Lindsey Olivares_Chicken Dance

OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY!! How about you?

Since I probably won’t be posting tomorrow the day before streaming I wanted to end this countdown with something I think is pretty cool.

Recently Cyclops went to WonderCon, which sadly I had to miss for some really important reason *wink*. Anyways being the great boyfriend that he is he got me a little present since I couldn’t make it there myself.

In my mind this is the perfect way to top off the Arrested Development countdown. This completely captures each family member doing their chicken dance, with is one of the many reasons I can’t wait for the Bluths to be back!

The amazing artist is Lindsey Olivares, check out her BlogspotTumblr or Twitter to see more of her work.

Need to perfect your own chicken dance before Sunday? Watch the video below for some sweet moves.

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