All You Need to Know About The Venture Bros. in 8 Minutes

The Venture Bros._10 Year Anniversary_5th season June 2

I really hate to admit it, but dating a nerd occasionally introduces you to something awesome. Years ago, Cyclops came to me and wouldn’t shut up about this show, The Venture Bros. and insisted that I watch it with him. Well after a few episodes of utter confusion + hilarity I was hooked.

The Venture Bros. may often be seen as an homage to the cartoons of days passed, specifically Jonny Quest, but its in a league all on its own. The show tells the story of Hank and Dean Venture, sons of Dr. Rusty Venture (former boy adventurer), their body guard Brock Samson and their lovable robot named H.E.L.P.eR, as they are constantly attacked by arch-nemesis, The Monarch. The show has a rich backstory for its main characters but also relishes in giving you episodes dedicated to fleshing out the stories of minor characters like Billy Quizboy, Peter White and Dr. Orpheus.

The success and cult following of the show lies solely at the hands of the creators & writers, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, who are characters themselves. They have been able to make the past two Venture Bros. Comic-Con panels extremely entertaining and they didn’t even have any new footage to show.

Crazy to believe that the show is 10 years old but has only aired 4 seasons but that’s all about to change,  hat’s right Season 5 is almost upon us, premiering this Sunday June 2 at midnight on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)!

Want to watch but need a little recap of the first 4 seasons? Check out this amazing 8 minute clip below!

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