I Need Some Teen Angst In My Life

As I mentioned in my previous post occasionally I’m going to start posting things that aren’t 100% nerd related and this is one of them. This is actually more of a “I secretly read teen novels” thing. This is for the ladies (or men, I don’t discriminate) who are slightly obsessed with Harry Potter, Twilight (the book series), The Hunger Games…you get the idea.

During college a good number of Harry Potter books came out and Twilight started to blow up. There was always one friend that I could count on to also be obsessively checking their mail to see if their HP book had arrived or to debate for hours over Edward vs. Jacob (in secret of course). We just love teen angst!

That friend recently sent me a message stating that I MUST check out a few “young adult” book series; Divergent, Mortal Instruments and Shadow and Bone. And although they may or may not be listed as “children’s fiction” on the iPad, I was intrigued by her obvious obsession with them all.

Divergent_Veronica Roth        Shadow and Bone


She urged me to read them before Comic-Con so in her words I could “stalk the shit” out of the cast of the upcoming movies for each title and then report back on the blog. I really have no information about the three series, so if anyone out there has read them, let me know your thoughts on what I should check out first by voting below or sounding off in the comments.

4 thoughts on “I Need Some Teen Angst In My Life

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