Official…It’s 1 Week Until Comic-Con…!

Nerds and nerd daters, in case you were unaware (and if you’re dating a nerd you are probably painfully aware) San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) starts in one week…I’m not counting the preview day on Wednesday.

wedatenerds_nerd fashion_080112_comic-con

Me outside Comic-Con

This is my 4th? year attending and there are a few ways I can always tell (other than my calendar) that Comic-Con is almost upon us.

1. You can’t go to any blog without a mention of Comic-Con; who’s attending, the hottest panels and where the best parties are at.

2. Cyclops spent almost our entire dinner date on Sunday reciting the schedule of important panels happening on each day. Cue to me wishing I had a drink in my hand.

3. At the end of this dinner date Cyclops said he had something for me, was it a present you ask…well it was a nerd present, the trades to Saga. Some of you might remember that I did read the first issue of Saga to appease my nerd…but haven’t quite gotten around to the others..oops! I was informed that I MUST MUST MUST read these before next week.

4. Cyclops starts freaking out and trying to catch up on every show, book, and comic that might be featured at the Con…enter the full day marathon of Game of Thrones Season 2 last Friday. This weekend will probably include a marathon of The Venture Bros.

5. I start trying to figure out what I’m going to do to keep myself entertained all day, because inevitably the panels I’m interested in are on Thursday (not attending) or super early on Friday. Unlike Cyclops I can’t spend hours wandering the floor…see article here. My only solace is figuring out what restaurants we can hit up for lunch & dinner.

But I’m pretty excited this year because of all of you! I can share with you my witty comments about all the goings-on, pictures of awesome costumes, reviews of panels, my adventures in stalking teen-angst series film stars and the low down on all the best free stuff. Plus I just ordered some t-shirts to wear that will hopefully bring some additional love to We Date Nerds.

If you are going to be there too hit me up in the comments and make sure to check out our Twitter for constant updates!

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