Solving the “what movie to see” argument…with our first web comic!

This past Friday Cyclops and I had a date with another couple to play Pathfinder. This as I may or may not have mentioned before is a RPG (Role Playing Game) very similar to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). This is our second time playing and believe me I have so much to say about the experience that it will most likely take up multiple posts…but that’s getting off topic.

Anyways Cyclops and I seem to show our affection by arguing and that’s exactly what we were doing when talking about what movie we should see the next day. He wanted to see Pacific Rim, of which I have little to no interest and I wanted to see The Way Way Back (we saw no movies this weekend). The argument lead to the following idea, drawn by artist, fellow Pathfinder survivor and nerd dater Cassie Soliday.

WeDateNerds.com_Cassie Soliday_Movie Date


Thank you so much to Cassie for giving us the first (of hopefully many, if we beg her) We Date Nerds web comics! If you want to check out more of Cassie’s work here are a few ways to do so…

Instagram: @cassiesoli

And you can also check out the great web comic that Cassie does with her nerd called Nerds with Beards at

She will also be attending SDCC and be at the the Girls Drawin’ Girls Booth, 5628. Check out the booth all weekend but catch Cassie there on Sunday morning.


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