Happy Birthday to Us! We Date Nerds Turns 1!

We can hardly believe it but this little blog we started has hit the 1 year mark! To keep this blog going we’ve had highs and lows, gone through more bottles of wine and cocktails than you can imagine and have eye-rolled my way thru the nerdiest things imaginable, but it was all worth it!

But of course I couldn’t have done it without the support of the readers, blog followers, commenters, my Twitter nation, family, friends and of course the infamous nerd himself, Cyclops.

As a symbolic gesture for our “paper anniversary” with you the readers and to show Cyclops that while I still bitch and moan about all the nerdy things he drags me to, I can once in a while make an effort, last night I FINALLY read the first 6 issues (trade) of Saga.

Saga Comic_First Trade

The struggle is not over as there is another trade sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read, but hopefully this sacrifice will show you that I’m still committed to giving you all the info you need to know when dating a nerd, while throwing a little of my own wit and sarcasm into mix. Perhaps when all the Comic-Con craziness is over I can post my thoughts on all things Saga.

In conclusion, I’m hoping that over the next year that the blog keeps growing and evolving but I can’t do that without you. Please keep reading and if you like what you read share it with your friends.


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