Got My Nerd Gear On and Heading to SDCC

As this post goes out I’m hopefully already in the throws of battle on the Comic-Con convention floor. And by battle I mean trying not to get knocked over by every Superman and Wonder Woman walking around.

And since I’m doing battle I have to be decked out for the occasion.

First of course I need my trusty backpack, which is essential as I mentioned in my 10 Tips for Comic Con post. It’s currently filled with lots of yummy snacks and things to keep me occupied in line.

Comic-Con Backpack_Survival Kit

My Zombie Bag Doubles as a Comic-Con Bag

I got some special shirts made for SDCC 2013, in hopes of doing some shameless self promotion and driving more people to our Twitter and this site. If you happen to be there and see me give us a shout, grab a photo and share it with all your friends!

Comic-Com Shirt_Front_We Date NerdsComic-Con Shirt_Back_We Date Nerds

Plus no SDCC outfit would be complete without the proper accessories, which have both come courtesy of Cyclops. See he buys me things…they are just really nerdy…

DC Comics Nail Art_Batman_SDCC Gear

Batman Nail Press Ons!

Spider-Man Earrings_SDCC_Nerd Gear

Little Spider-Man Earrings!

SIDENOTE: It’s times like this that I know I’ve been dating a nerd too long because as I’m posting these images I’m wondering if it’s bad that I’m wearing Batman and Spider-Man paraphernalia at the same time. Don’t want to start a Marvel / DC turf war over my outfit.

I think I’m all ready to go. I’ve got my outfits planned, I finished Divergent, the first trade of Saga and am tapped in to all the goings on of SDCC via Twitter.

If you are joining me in SD this weekend, shoot me a Tweet at @WeDateNerds, that way we can keep up with all our nerd daters out there. Plus I’ll be posting updates of the entire weekend on Twitter, so check it out for awesome costumes, insights and all things nerd! And I may or may not be stalking Harrison Ford the entire weekend, so that’s hours of entertainment for you.

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