SDCC Friday: Quick Report

It’s official, Cyclops and I survived our first day at Comic-Con, barely. We were both running on less than 4 hours of sleep but even though we both felt a little zombie like by the end of the day it was a pretty fun day 1. Except for the fact that my phone died like 2 hours in to the day.

Here’s some of the top highlights:

– Seeing all the obscure Venture Bros. cosplayers.


– Making it in to the Venture Bros. panel and once again watching creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick prepare nothing yet have the most entertaining panel of the weekend.


– Then watching Doc Hammer trying to take a picture on his phone.


– Having some delicious Mexican food and margs at La Puerta.

– Starting to construct an SDCC drinking game.

– Randomly being in the Falling Skies panel and getting to see Wil Wheaton kick ass as a moderator.

– Attending a surprisingly interesting panel with the animators from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

– Going to see Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman perform their podcast Hollywood Babble-On at the House of Blues.


– Seeing an awesome Archer costume. She has an ocelot!


– Finally getting to sleep!

Let’s see what today brings.

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