Fall TV Preview 2013: Sleepy Hollow

We all know the story of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman…and it’s a far cry from what Fox is trying to do with it’s latest Sci-Fi/Fantasy show. Based on the previews I had seen for this show I wasn’t super interested but I happen to catch it last night and I think I might be hooked.

I’ll start off with this, Ichabod Crane is a hottie. The more this show can play up that accent, those blue eyes and any opportunity for him to take his shirt off the better for ratings.


Photo courtesy of blog.zap2it.com

Moving on from that, here’s the premise. Revolutionary War soldier (British but fighting for the Americans) is injured in battle after cutting off some evil looking dude’s head and then wakes up in a creepy looking cave 250 years later in the town of Sleepy Hollow to a lot of confusion.

At the same time a mysterious “headless horseman” is cutting off people’s heads, including the Sheriff and partner of one Lieutenant Abbie Mills. Crane is arrested roaming around town acting strange and is assumed to be the killer but when he corroborates Abbie’s story about the person responsible being a man with no head and a strange arrow mark on his hand their fates are forever entwined.

I don’t want to give away too much but turns out Sleepy Hollow has some secrets of its own and that the team of Crane and Mills is the only one that can save the world from basically the apocalypse.

This is definitely going to be a show filled with a lot of mythology so it might be hard to jump right in on a random episode, which may turn some people off. For those people I think that the saving grace for the show is the chemistry between the two leads. Not only are there going to be great scenes involving Crane’s confusion over the changes in the 21st century but I foresee some eventual romantic sparks…that is if we can keep Crane’s witchy wife out of the picture.

You’re only 1 episode behind, so catch up and check out the upcoming episodes on Fox Mondays at 9.


Crane: “General Washington.”
Interrogator: “George Washington?”
Crane: “Do you know him?”

Crane to Abbie: “You’ve been emancipated I take it?”

Abbie: “Well now it’s a Starbucks.”
Look of confusion.
Abbie: “Where they make coffee.”
Driving a bit further.
Crane: “That building is also a Starbucks.”
Abbie: “Yep.”
Crane: “How many are there?”
Abbie: “Per block.”
Crane: “Is there a law?”

Crane: “When did it become acceptable for ladies to wear trousers?”

“You (Abbie) and Captain America here.”
Crane: “Who?”

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