Jurassic World…A 3 Second Review

And by this I mean I can sum up the best part of Jurassic World in about a 3 second clip. This is in no way a crack at Chris Pratt because he pretty much made the film, but this scene stole the show.

Let me paint the picture, (don’t think this is a spoiler but you were warned) dinosaurs are attacking the patrons of the park from the air and there are a few shots of those patrons trying to flee….cut to a no more than 3 second scene of a guy who is double fisting margaritas, running with them in hand. The people in the auditorium that laughed at that bit I can only assume were the alcoholics in the room (apparently myself included).

Amazing recreation from enerJax on Tumblr below:

As my friend Ashley said,

As my friend Ashley said, “those drinks were probably $25 a piece”

The man and I saw this with another couple and after the movie here is how our conversation went:

Me (running up to them after hitting the restroom) – “Best part of the movie was hands down when the guy saved those drinks”

Ashley – “Mike (her husband)  said that would have been you and I”

Me – “Hell yes”

Ashley – “I mean those drinks probably cost $25 each, I’m definitely trying to save those”

And I found out courtesy of this BuzzFeed article that that guy was none other than Jimmy Buffett himself!!

Thank you Jurassic World for teaching us all a valuable lesson, when there’s a crisis, it’s best to grab a drink first!

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