UnReal – The Show You NEED To Be Watching!

When I say the word Lifetime TV Show I realize it doesn’t garner a lot of confidence in quality (although I think we can agree this movie was amazing)…but I swear this show is really good.

I was (am) a huge fan of the show Roswell and Life Unexpected, both starring one Shiri Appleby so when I saw the trailer for UnReal, I decided to check it out.

I’m not sure what I expected but what I got was me going “damn….”

DAMN girl.....

DAMN girl…..

Whether or not you watch shows in the vein of The Bachelor you will understand the general concept of the show. Appleby’s character is a producer on Everlasting aka The Bachelor, and due to some f*ed up events she is forced to be there (whether or not she should be). Her boss Quinn (the fabulous Constance Zimmer) is a ball busting, take no prisoners, do whatever it takes type of woman…and she and everyone working on the show are SUPER familiar with moral gray areas.

In order to “get the shot” they will DO ANYTHING..including not telling a girl her father was in the hospital, helping a bulimic girl keep her disease going, outing someone in front of the world, and switching out pills of someone that is bipolar. And while all this is juicy it’s really the psychological lengths that Appleby’s character Rachael (and the other producers) go to to manipulate these women to create the “wife material”, “the villain”, “the sad MILF”, “the slut” that makes this show so compelling. It makes you wonder, how would you act if the cameras where turned on you….OR what would you do if you worked behind the scenes.

I don’t want to give too much away…but last week in Episode 6: Fly, shit got real.

Watch the series trailer below.. I URGE you to catch up on LifetimeTV.com where all the episodes are up online for free.

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