Omaze and Harrison Ford Want You to Attend the Premiere of Star Wars!

I’m assuming that anyone reading this helped crash the internet when Star Wars: The Force Awakens pre-sale tickets went on sale…so this just might interest you.

You may remember that through an organization called Omaze Star Wars has helped raise 4 million dollars for the UNICEF Innovation Labs. Well in this video you will see Harrison Ford surprising some of those whose donated with a special message. I think I almost cried watching.

In even bigger news Omaze is at it again, for a mere $10 donation you can be entered to win a chance to meet the cast at a red carpet premiere of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! I would gladly eat the cost of my current tickets for a chance to even be in the same room as Harrison Ford. Plus it’s even better because your donation will be helping out a ton of worthy causes!

Keep in mind I’m lowering my chances by alerting all of you…but I mean if you wanted to take me along if you win, I wouldn’t argue!

To check it out for yourself head here:

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