Hi our names are Liz and Ashley (left to right). We met via work and bonded one night over a few glasses of wine about our boyfriends (more on that later). We like to go shopping, drink champagne, watch soap opera type teen dramas and gossip about all things celebrity. We seem like normal girls, right? Wrong! We are slowly learning facts like what “AFOLs” and “Bronies” are and what the term “Earth 2” means. We are slowly morphing into nerds because we date these guys….


Truthfully I am not giving our boyfriends enough credit, neither or them rock sweet shirts like this or wear pocket protectors but I wanted to express the gravity of our situation in one humorous image…so sorry boyfriends.

Thru our relationships we are becoming “Jane Goodall”s of the nerd world (my boyfriend suggested that not everyone knows who that is so please click here if you are not up your anthropological icons). Most of the writing on this blog will be handled by me (Liz) but Ashley will be contributing her nerd knowledge from time to time. Our goal is to relate anecdotes, terminology and other useful information that you might need if you find yourself dating a nerd. Here’s a hint, if you don’t know immediately that this image is from Jurassic Park 3 and not Jurassic Park then you need our help.

Jurassic Park 3

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  1. Tanya Hale

    Contact: E.J. De la Peña, President of Cowboy Errant Pictures, 714-392-0549

    Nobility Gives Sci-Fi a New Spin on Fan Loyalty and Independent Filmmaking

    Lovers of Science Fiction will have something new to cheer for in the Hollywood scene. Starting March 29, Cowboy Errant Pictures will begin its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of Nobility, a new Sci-Fi series dubbed “The Office in space.”

    The comedy series is a respite for many genre fans and aspiring independent filmmakers who feel the need to wrestle quality and creativity from major studios.

    Nobility will include veteran director Neil Johnson (Humanity’s End), sci-fi icon Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), and will be written and acted in by E.J. De la Peña (Jingle All The Way).

    The film will be funded primarily by sci-fi fans and leaders through its Kickstarter campaign.

    “Nobility is really about the fans,” said E.J. De la Peña, president Cowboy Errant Pictures, an independent film company based in Orange County. “Unlike many other films produced by studios, we give our fans an inside look into how a series like Nobility is created.”

    This level of behind-the-scenes access is rare in Hollywood. Rather than merely give fans a glimpse at the movie magic, Cowboy Errant intends to give fans what they need be able to pursue their own projects. To do this, Nobility will help to create a community and knowledge base so that fans can create their own works.

    Additionally, Cowboy Errant is dedicated to providing its fans the ability to be part of the production of Nobility – even raffling off minor speaking roles so fans can work with their celebrity containing cast.

    “We believe studios still create great works,” said De la Peña. “But there’s still room for the little guys to show the world that you don’t need millions to create quality films. We want to put the power of ownership in the hands of those who love sci-fi: The fans.”

    For more information about Nobility, visit nobilitytheseries.com

    To go directly to their Kickstarter page, visit

    For more information about Cowboy Errant Pictures, visit cowboyerrant.com



    Hey Liz!

    You sound a charming girl based on the few posts you’ve put out Cyclops is a lucky man. I myself am slowly morphing into a nerd myself and may need to start this blog if a get girlfriend that makes me salute like a Trekky! Maybe the old saying “foreigners get all the babes” should be replaced today with “nerds get all the babes this day”. I’m excited to hear about your adventures in kangaroo country!

    (Note to Cyclops if you happen to be reading this: I am not trying to swoo Liz by any means. I’m Canadian. We are just this friendly)

    I thought you would be interested in this kickstarter: “Will you bring nobility to Life?”. The best way to describe it is right off their website: “Nobility” is a new sci-fi dramedy set 700 years in the future, it’s about the C.A.S. Nobility, Humanity’s most powerful Starship with a crew that’s anything but noble.”

    Main reason I thought to post this was that these kickstarters tend to have a reward system, one of them being a walk on extra or role, depending on how much you donate. I don’t wanna try to bribe you to donate funds to this project, but I thought it would be cute for a nerd couple to split money to get themselves on a show together and have that be nerds on a webisode. And with this being a comedy scifi, why look anywhere else!

    Here’s their website if you’re interested! I promise you won’t be disappointed : NobilityTheSeries.com.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you!
    Zach Whitcomb

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