Gilmore Girls Trailer is Here!

I usually am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving…but this year, I…CAN’T…WAIT…because it means that the next day instead of punching people at the mall to get the best deals I will be in bed, with some leftover pie watching Gilmore Girls. There may need to be a marathon leading up to this…and some posts […]

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Netflix’s Amanda Knox – My Thoughts

Since its release my husband has been pushing me to watch the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, one because he loves documentaries and thought it looked interesting and two because he knows that I’m a total nerd when it comes to true crime. At least I have been since the whole Serial phenomenon. I have […]

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Happy Birthday 30 Rock!

It’s the 10th Anniversary of the premiere of 30 Rock. I can’t tell you how much I love this show…I have watched it on repeat so many times, the episodes are permanently lodged in my mind grapes. This is a show I can put on in the background while I’m doing anything, cleaning, working or […]

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New Girl – What’s Off this Season??

One of my favorite shows on TV is New Girl….which was recently affirmed by my re-watching binge fest on Netflix/Hulu of past seasons. I love watching this gang of friends and their shenanigans, and I especially love Ferguson (if you don’t you have no soul). Of course not every episode is a winner but overall […]

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Bridge of Spies – Mini Review

   Coming into this film I was sure of one thing, Tom Hanks would deliver a great performance, and I was not proven wrong.  Bridge of Spies tells a fascinating and I’m guessing unknown story of two countries at war and using spies to further their cause. More importantly it’s about one man, Hanks, trying […]

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AMC Best Picture Showcase 2016

It’s that time of year again, that’s right it’s time to sit in a room for 10 hours or so with a group of strangers and watch all the Oscar nominated best picture movies.  I’ll try and post quick reviews after each one but having trouble connecting. Twitter might be best way to follow along […]

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